The dog training

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To start off with we want to do away with an old and incorrect prejudice in the field of dog training: dog training should only begin at the age of one year. This statement is simply wrong. Dog training begins on the first day, when your new family member moves into your home.


Proper training is to make it a fun activity for the dog, beginning as early as 8-10 weeks.

 These first learning attempts, if done correctly, will make a lot of fun, for you as well as for your dog.


This principle of having fun while working not only has priority at the training for puppies and young dogs, but is the cornerstone for every training session. Only this way you will successfully achieve your dog performing all commands not only reliably, but with joy. The result is a harmonic coexistence between man and dog!


We are looking forward to accompanying you on your way and helping you with challenges in the relationship between you and your dog.

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