The dog gurus have already helped many dogs and people

Here a little sample of what our clients have to say:


Belgian tervuren mix Aros!

We found Aros in a newspaper article, and until then we only knew he came from Hungary. We went to the animal shelter in Hallein and fell in love with him straight away. After 10 days of probation we noticed that he was very scared and anxious, especially with leashes, steps and door frames. After about three weeks nothing had changed, he ran his own route at the daily walk and came back only when he wanted to. He didn’t want to climb any steps and we had to carry him up to the first floor. We thought about that and knew that it couldn’t continue this way.


The first day of the training was perfect, we got many tips from our trainer Stefanie Loidl and she wanted to see the problem with the steps right on site. Steffi showed us how to teach him the right stair climbing. With tranquillity and patience it worked very well after only a short time. In the beginning he panicked, but with a lot of compliments he accomplished it after about 20 minutes of training, and he obviously calmed down.


The next time we still had to help him, but after two days he climbed up and down by himself, and all that although people had told us that he would never learn it.


After that we decided not to stop the training, because Aros still needs a lot of help. There was a lot of work with the bond, so he didn’t run away that often anymore.


Aros is a completely different dog now, a dog with vitality and joy of living, which he hadn’t had before.

Florian and Michelle (May 2014)



Stray girl “Amica“

We got Amica from a Bulgarian animal welfare organization!

She lived on the street and probably didn’t have many good experiences with the people, because when she arrived at our home, she was very insecure and anxious! With a lot of patience we showed her that she could trust us and that we didn’t want to harm her. As soon as the young bitch understood this, her behaviour changed. She became cheeky and rebellious! You couldn’t touch her when she had a toy in her basket, she snapped when somebody wanted to push her aside where she didn’t want to be or if anything went against the grain for her. You couldn’t even think of taking away her food or taking anything out of her jaws. One time she even bit me when I just wanted to stroke her and her chewing stick was about two meters beside her. During the daily walk she barked  at anybody who came too close, pulled the leash and wanted to bite. I couldn’t even think of letting her go.


It just couldn’t go on like this, not least because we have a 4 ½ year old son, who we wanted to protect of course!


There had to be a dog trainer….and so we found Thomas Wirnsberger.


Step by step he showed us how we should treat an anxious dog! We learned how to show the dog that he can trust on us and that we are higher in the hierarchy than him, but all of this without using violence, just consequence and positivity.


Today we have great dog at our side, and we have a lot of fun with him.


Thank you so much for your help, Thomas!!!

Nicole and Amica (May 2014)



Walks with Sam

My dog Sam, a brown labrador, came to me as a puppy 5 ½ years ago. Actually he is a very cheerful little guy, super cute and almost like a cuddly toy – but there is one problem: when we leave our garden and go for a walk he can’t be stopped anymore. Not only that he has the need to catch everything that moves, like a toy car or a jumbo jet, he also pulls the leash and you never know when he gets crazy without any warning. When, for example a truck, jogger, walker, husky or a German shepherd comes close, he jumps into the leash, barking and growling. With these attacks he has already broken one of my fingers two times, and that our walks are a very stressful activity is obvious. I have really tried everything to solve this problem, but after countless dog trainers and many many euros that I spent, I came to the conclusion, that there was no real solution for our problem. I was advised to use a prong collar, a taser for our dog, and much more. A dog trainer gave up, after she landed in a belly flop into the muddy ground, when she had Sam on the leash, and another clueless dog trainer even gave me the advice to euthanize the dog.


Not long ago I heard about Thomas, and because I’m not a guy that gives up that fast, I thought I could try at least one time. I made an appointment with Thomas and what happened then was just GREAT. Thomas solved our problem completely calmly, relaxed and humorously, and above all without any violence. Like it is very often, it was not really the dog that did something wrong, but us. Thomas showed me, how I could correct my strong dog without much application of force, so that he understands that his behaviour is not okay. Sam feels „labradorly comfortable“ with his new, relaxed way of going for walks, and also my spinal discs are very happy and thankful for Thomas. Our walks are not an arduous, unnerving running the gauntlet anymore, but relaxing and funny as they should be.


Thomas is a lovely but firm dog trainer with heart and mind. Unfortunately I had to wait until now to meet Thomas. I could have saved a lot of sweat, nerves and anger it I could have met him earlier.


We are very very thankful for your help, and furthermore I’m convinced that you will help many dogs to live a relaxed and pleasant life with their masters.


Sabine & Sam (April 2014)