Dog training with the right dog trainer

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The dog trainer is a person who helps you with your problems and with the mastering of everyday life situations. He works closely with you, and helps you with misunderstandings in the interaction with a close family member. Without any doubt it is a person, who enjoys your trust and it must be someone who enjoys your trust.



The majority of problems are miscommunications. The human language can only be used in a very limited way when it comes to communicating with the dog. The much bigger part happens nonverbally. A change in body language, another pitch, and your four-legged friend reacts a different than usual, and maybe you don’t even understand why. Our goal is to make this language understandable and to bring you closer to the understanding how a dog perceives the world.


Through many years of experience in dog training each member of our team has learned to decipher the “code“, to read and interpret the behavior of the dog in order to target training. However, even more important than analyzing the behavior of the dog is understanding the people behind the dog, because they are the ones who often have to change more than the dog himself. The owner’s task is to explain to the dog what his behaviour must be in order to be accepted. However, this 101 of dog life has to be conveyed in dog language.

Therefore the right trainer is someone whom the dog owner trusts, a behavioural scientist and a psychologist, but also a translator for “man to dog” and “dog to man” speech.

 We are happy to fill this role for you and to support you on your way to the ideal, four-legged companion.

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